Advising other Charities

Due to our management team’s long-term experience in Ukraine, we leverage our knowledge of the geography, demographics, weather, road system, economy, legal system, accounting systems, logistics infrastructure and people of Ukraine to help other charities and non-governmental organizations to make good decisions and operate efficiently.  We know the difference between Kropyvnytskyi and Kryvyi Rih, and how to get from one to the other, because we have done it.

Through our own fundraising efforts, we have supplied more than $200,000 USD in body armour (helmets, ceramic and metal plates, bulletproof vests and carriers) directly to various military units in Ukraine. 

We have provided sourcing, logistics and delivery services for other charities and organizations for items ranging from Level IV certified body armor plates to locally produced magazine pouches, medical supplies, vehicles, helmets and other supplies.

Insulin and other medications delivered to a bear sanctuary on behalf of an international animal protection organization.

Humanitarian aid delivered to Kharkiv on behalf of a European based humanitarian relief fund.  Helped the same delivery team deploy their funds more efficiently by buying baby food, oatmeal, split peas, buckwheat and other basics locally wholesale.

Pick-up and delivery / turnover to end-users of body armor, medical supplies and other materials on behalf of multiple parties.

Advising multiple charity organizations with strategy, logistics, admin support and generally how to get things done in Ukraine: everything from route planning to finding the proper strategic and actual location for warehousing to where to buy oats at the best price.

Providing support for volunteers including route planning, finding open gas stations, hotel bookings, permissions and approvals, medical care and all the other myriad issues that come up while getting things done.

If you would like to discuss how to streamline your operations in Ukraine, please contact us.