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Ukraine Protection and Development Fund

The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund was established to help resolve the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine resulting from the Russian invasion that started on 24 February 2022, which was, in fact, a continuation of Russian aggression against Ukraine that started overtly in 2014 with the invasion of Crimea and prior to that on a political level.

In 2022 Ukrainians have amazed the World. We helped a tiny bit.
In 2023, we will do more.

Andrew Kinsel

Ukrainians have done what the world considered impossible: they have stopped and destroyed a good part of the Russian army and exposed Putin’s lies and manipulations.

In the face of cynical Russian bombing, blackouts, Bucha, torture chambers, mass graves – Ukrainians are positive they will prevail, and after victory Ukraine will be safe from Russian attacks in the future because Russia and the world will have seen and have to respect Ukraine as a single, united country that is NEITHER RUSSIA NOR RUSSIAN.

Ukraine Protection and Development Fund is proud to be a part of helping Ukraine and Ukrainians in their battle for freedom, independence and safety.

Including actions of our individuals prior to establishing the fund, we have provided more than $500k in assistance to Ukraine, including the supply of:

  • Level 4 body armour
  • Helmets
  • Made in Ukraine uncertified body armour
  • Police Vests from the US
  • Made in Ukraine Carriers, ammo pouches etc.
  • Vehicles
  • Electricity generators to schools, air defense, artillery, hospitals, apartment buildings, villages for their water pumps etc.
  • More than 500 laptops, desktops, printers, tablets, servers and other items of office equipment
  • Made in Ukraine army boots

We have also helped a lot of other charities from the United States, Ukraine and other countries get things done here, including sourcing, logistics, delivery, and photo confirmation.

We try to buy locally when possible – it is usually cheaper, and we are helping local businesses that really need the support now.

We are proud of our partners that we have helped and proud that our donors have trusted and entrusted us. And positive in a safe, prosperous, victorious Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini!


Through our own fundraising efforts, we have supplied more than $500,000 USD in body armour (helmets, ceramic and metal plates, bulletproof vests and carriers) directly to various military units in Ukraine.


Through Computers for the Front, we have supplied more than 500 pieces of electronic equipment including laptops, tablets, desktops and printers to various military units.

Lending electricity generators to villages and areas in need, and when the need there is passed, moving them to the next area in need.

If you would like to donate a generator, or need one, please contacts us.

Helping the Ukrainian military and other government organs get the computers they need.

Due to our management team’s long-term experience in Ukraine, we leverage our knowledge of the geography, demographics, weather, road system, economy, legal system, accounting systems, logistics infrastructure and people of Ukraine to help other charities and non-governmental organizations to make good decisions and operate efficiently.  We know the difference between Kropyvnytskyi and Kryvyi Rih, and how to get from one to the other because we have done it.

Life Saving Bullet Proof Vests delivered

Life Saving Bullet Proof Vests delivered

Citizens of Buffalo and Rochester donated, UAFF Purchased and arranged delivery to Ukraine, I picked up the vests and helped Ivanna send them to the Unit – the Unit got them and said thanks.